Test 1:
Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.
1. I want to buy a _____of beer.
A. bar B. bottle
C. packet D. tube
2. - How do you_____?
- I’m tired and hungry.

A. think B. live
C. feel D. do
3. - _____ you like some lemonade?
- Yes, please.

A. Can B. Must
C. Should D. Would
4. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. grade B. mate
C. plan D. eight
5. What is there _____ for dinner?
A. to drink B. drinking
C. drink D. drinks
6. What _____ Julia want?
A.is B.are
C. does D. do
7. Do we have _____ apples?
A. a B. an
C.one D.any
8. Don’t forget to buy five ______ of bread!
A. bottles B. loaves
C. cans D. bars
9. How _____ pork do you want?
A. some B. any
C. much D. many
10. Which word contains the sound /ai/?
A. quite B. pick
C. king D.fish
11. Which word is the odd one out?
A. strawberry B. mango
C. carrot D. banana
12. What would you like ______ lunch?
A. for B. during
C. over D. on
13. Which sentence is closest in meaning to the underlined sentence?
How much is a kilo of sugar?
A. How much sugar do you want?
B. Would you like to buy some sugar?
C. Is a kilo of sugar enough?
D. How much does a kilo of sugar cost?
14. Which word has one syllable?
A. tube B. packet
C. dozen D. bottle
15. I’ll get _____ cheese while I’m at the shops.
A. a B. some
C. any D. an
16. Do you like _____ on your bread?
A. butter B. butters
C. a butter D. an butter
17. - We’ve got some oranges.
- _____ have you got?

A. How many B. How much
C. How few D. How little
18. Match the adjective tasty with its synonym.
A. bad B. hot
C. delicious D. spicy
19. I like _____ fruit with my lunch.
A. those B.an
C. some D. any
20. Which word is the odd one out?
A. carton B. bottle
C. tin D. packet
21. Her favorite _____ is fried rice.
A. drink B. dessert
C. food D. vegetables
22. How much is a _____ of cooking oil?
A. bar B. pack
C. bottle D. slice
23. - I need some salt.
-_____ do you need?

A. How little B. How much
C. How few D. How many
24. - _____ do you have breakfast?
- At 6 a.m.

A. What B. Why
C. How D. When
25. - _____ rice do you want?
- 5 kilos.

A. How C. How many
B. What D. How much
1. B 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A 6. C
7. D 8. B 9. C 10. A 11. C 12. A
13. D 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. A 18. C
19. C 20. D 21. C 22. C 23. B 24. D
25. D
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