Test 2:
Choose the correct answer.
1. Which word contains a different sound from the others?
A. suit B. seven
C. sugar D. sun
2. There is a ______ behind my house.
A. trees B. paddy fields
C. buildings D. flower garden
3. - ______ does Alan go to school?
- By bus.

A. When B. Where
C. How D. Why
4. – What time does the English class start?
- It starts ______ .

A. on Tuesday B. every day
C. today D. at 7.00 am
5. Where do you live, in the city ______ in the country?
A. or B. and
C. with D. for
6. Which word is the odd one out?
A. enjoy B. hate
C. like D. love
7. - _______
- I have twenty CDs.

A. Are those CDs interesting?
B. Where can I buy some CDs?
C. How much are those CDs?
D. How many CDs do you have?
8. The bookstore is ______ the post office.
A. between B. opposite
C. next D. in front
9. Her office is next to her house. She goes to work ______ .
A. by train B. by bus
C. on foot D. by plane
10. The children ______ lunch in the canteen.
A. have B. do
C. drink D. work
11. Which sentence is closest in meaning to the underlined sentence?
Milan ofnten walks to school.
A. Milan often go to school by bus.
B. Milan’s father often takes her to school.
C. Milan often go to school with her friends.
D. Milan often goes to school on foot.
12. Complete the square.
under over
A. behind B. before
C. below D. next
13. - _______
- We’re engineers.

A. How do you do? B. What do you do?
C. Where do you work? D. When do you start work?
14. Are there ______ near your house?
A. much shops B. any shops
C. a shop D. a lot shops
15. - _______
- It starts at 8.00 am.

A. Where does the meeting take place?
B. When does the meeting start?
C. What time does the meeting start?
D. B & C
16. - ______
- It’s Monday today?

A. What day is it today? B. What time is it?
C. What’s the time? D. B & C
17. Which word is the odd one out?
A. carpet B. wardrobe
C. armchair D. kitchen
18. I ______ a bath every morning.
A. have B. make
C. take D. A & C
19. Let’s s tay here _______ a few days.
A. with B. on
C. for D. of
20. – I’m fifteen .
- _______ about your little brother?

A. Why B. Who
C. How old D. How
21. – What’s that?
- __________

A That’s Christina’s schoolbag.
B. Wow! It’s great.
C. No, it isn’t. It’s an address book.
D. Hmm. It’s ugly.
22. – Where’s my book?
- __________

A. They’re in your room. B. It’s under your bag.
C. That’s my book. C. Those are books.
23. Put these sentences in the correct order to make a conversation.
a. Wow! It’s really cool.
b. No, it’s not. It’s a television.
c. Hmm. It’s weird. And what’s that?
d. It’ a radio.
e. Maria, what’s this? A computer?
A. e-b-c-d-a B. d-c-a-b-e
C. d-a-e-b-c C. b-e-a-c-d
1. C 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. A 6. B
7. D 8. B 9. C 10. A 11. D 12. B
13. B 14. B 15. D 16. A 17. D 18. D
19. C 20. D 21. A 22. B 23. A
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